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Best iPhone 2G,3G,3GS video recorder - CYCORDER (FREE)

Posted by Twinsaru Thursday, November 5, 2009

Best iPhone 2G,3G,3GS video recorder - CYCORDER (FREE)

download from Cydia.

To run any Cydia applications or games on your iPhone or iTouch, you must be jailbroken first.

Search "Cycorder" in Cydia cycorder

Ok so we've seen many video recorders popping out on the market, we've tried alot of them including iphonevideorecorder, but they all suck, either they are slow, video resolution is crappy or a combination of both. This morning while browsing through cydia like always, we came across the new video recorder from CYCORDER.

We were very happy with the results from this product. I know there are alot of people out there who use the camera on the iphone as a digi cam to snap those pictures of crazy stuff that happens when all you have is the Iphone on you. Well now you can make snazzy videos of interesting stuff while you are on the road.

The CYCORDER video recorder is free and runs on ad promotions in a little top bar of the phone. Yea that might not be great but the price is, FREE. The recorder saves all its files in quicktime uncompressed, what does this mean to you? Well it means files will be big, 30 second video is 12Megabytes. So your 8 Gig Iphone can record for about 5 and a half hours straight !!! No conversion is great because you dont have to wait for the phone to encode the video after you are done, just click stop and start recording another video, simple as that. Why would you want your Iphone to do encoding when you can do it 10 times faster on your pc at home.

Only feature that the applicatoin seems to lack is the ability to share your video's easily and the lack of audio. As of right now you have to SSH into the phone and copy the files out from /var/mobile/Media/Videos folder. Still its the first version, and the video quality is simply amazing.

We took a sample video in the car this morning and it came out fantastic compared to all the other video software out there. Our question is why hasn't apple released something like this in the APPSTORE, obviously the phone can handle it.

Once again Amazing product and can't wait for new updates.

Great job goes to the developers.


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