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Top 10 iPhone Cydia Applications (2008)

Posted by Twinsaru Saturday, November 7, 2009

Top 10 iPhone Cydia Applications (2008)

It’s only one year before (2008) comes to an end. I’m hopping on the bandwagon to select my top-10 iPhone applications of 2008. But they’re from Cydia, not App Store application!

Since the debut of iPhone App Store in early July, the number of iPhone applications is increasing dramatically. The online store is now hosting more than 10,000 applications for download. That’s really awesome!

But as a jailbreak iPhone user, you shouldn’t forget other third party applications available on Cydia. 99% of the applications put on Cydia are available at no cost. I’d like to take this opportunity to thanks all developers for putting up so many great applications that enrich my iPhone life. And, here comes to my top 10 Cydia applications:

1. Cydia – I will say Cydia is the heart of jailbroken iPhone (as well as iPod Touch). A big thanks to Cydia’s creator, Jay Freeman. Cydia enables you to download third party iPhone applications that you probably can’t find in iPhone’s App Store.

2. Winterboard – Again, thanks for Jay Freeman to bring us this application. Winterboard is the theme manager of iPhone. You can use it to skin the iPhone with awesome icon sets, keyboard, SMS bubbles, etc. It can really make your iPhone stand out from others.

3. Cycorder – Oh! It’s Jay Freeman again. Cycorder turns your iPhone camera into video recorder. You can capture video using iPhone’s camera. It’s simply awesome.

4. Netatalk – If you’re Mac user, this would be a great application. In technical term, Netatalk is an open source implementation of AppleTalk networking protocol. With Netatalk installed on iPhone, you can connect to iPhone from your Mac and transfer files between each other wirelessly. iPhone will appear as a networked drive in Mac’s Finder. So, transferring file is just a matter of drag & drop.

5. OpenSSH – OpenSSH is a suite of networking tools for establishing secure network
connection. The implementation of OpenSSH on iPhone powers you to connect to iPhone and gain access to the file system remotely. You can also use OpenSSH to transfer ringtones or photos between the device and computer remotely. This application is not designed for jailbroken iPhone beginner. You’ll have to familiar yourself with OpenSSH first.

6. SBSettings – A full replacement of BossPrefs and it brings all important toggles (which may be hidden under Settings) directly into your iPhone Home Screen. With SBSettings, you can directly control brightness and toggle WiFi / EDGE / Bluetooth at home screen or while you’re using other applications. That’s really great for me as I used to turn off WiFi for battery saving.

7. MySMS – A replacement of iPhone’s default SMS application. MySMS lets you type SMS in landscape mode and forward SMS to other recipients. It also enables iPhone to send or receive encrypted SMS. If you’re a frequent user of SMS, MySMS is a great application to put it on iPhone.

8. Snapture – A replacement of iPhone’s default Camera application. With Snapture, you can turn iPhone camera into an advanced digital camera that extends the possibilities of iPhone photography. Snapture lets you shoot black/white photos and in burst mode. It also features a timer, digital zoom and silent mode.

9. Podcaster – This application lets you download and stream all your favourite postcast directly into iPhone.

10. CallMe – CallMe brings speed dial to iPhone at no cost. You can easily add your favourite contact on iPhone home screen as a dial icon.


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