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iPhone and iPod High Quality Cracked Games - Skater Nation

Posted by Twinsaru Wednesday, December 2, 2009

iPhone and iPod High Quality Cracked Games - Skater Nation

Skater Nation

Welcome to Skater Nation, a skateboarding game for iPhone & iPod touch, better and larger than any other. Roll out into an enormous city full of challenges and realistic HD graphics. Choose from 8 characters and customize your board at the Skater Shop, then skate wherever you want to go, including a construction site, beach and more, while listening to your favorite tunes on your device. Show off your arsenal of ollies, kickflips, nose grabs and various grinds, then save the replays to post them on YouTube so everyone can see what a pro skater you are!



  • Ride free & find challenges in a huge city with 10 environments: beach, factory, skate park & more
  • Try tons of tricks (ollie, nose grab, 360 flip, etc.) in locations full of ramps, pipes and posts
  • Choose from 8 different skaters, each with their own unique 3D model and animations.
  • Customize your skater and your board with 10 different decks, trucks and wheels at the Skate Shop
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