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Howto install IPAs direct from your iPhone without iTunes

Posted by Twinsaru Monday, November 2, 2009

Howto install IPAs direct from your iPhone without iTunes

Basically this tutorial will go over how to install IPA files on your phone directly without using itunes. We are using an iPhone 3G 2.1 for this tutorial but it will work for any first, second gen iPhone and iTouch. We're going to assume that you have a jailbroken phone already, if you don't head over here for our guide. You can also uninstall any applications just like APPStore apps by holding the icons then hitting the little black X.

INSTALL PART (Only have to do this once, trust me its worth it)

First on your iTouch/iPhone head over to cydia, and install the following.

1. Erica Utilities
2. Safari Download Plug-in
3. UUID Generator
4. BossPrefs
5. SSH

The last piece of the puzzel is called IPAInstall and can be found here.
What you will need to do is install IPAInstall manually.

*Connect your Iphone to your home wireless network.
Start WinSCP SSH Client from windows (download here)
You should see this screen, under hostname type in your iPhone/iTouch wireless IP here, and hit select Login. You can find this under Settings - > General - > Network.

*When prompted for a username type in "root" without quotes and hit enter.

*When prompted for password, type in "alpine" without quotes and hit Enter.

*It should log you in and bring up this screen.

*Click the drop down where it says root and switch it to / on the right hand side.

*Now select the Applications shortcut which is the first on the right hand side and double click it. This will bring you to your application folder simular to something below.

*On the left hand side browse to where you extracted you should have an folder, select it and hit F5 you should see this window pop up.

*Click Copy
This will copy the application to your phone

*Now on the right hand side select the folder and hit F9
You should see the properties window show up.

*What we want to do here is select the checkmark on the

*Now that you are done, the application will still not appear, to make it appear on the springboard download any free app from the appstore. Reboot the phone, You will now see the the IPAInstall Icon on the springboard.


*After everything is installed its very simple to use. First start bossprefs.

*make sure the download plugin is on (SafariDL)

*Next start safari and browse to your favorite IPA download site, we're gonna use

*You can search or click the downloads link for a list of games and apps.

*Select and app and hit download
You should see a window like this pop up.

*Hit download again and it should start downloading.

*When complete start IPA Installer from the springboard.t

*Now hit Install IPAs and wait till the phone restarts.
You should now see the application on your springboard

Enjoy Now.........


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