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How to install installous Cracked apps on iphone 3.0 OS

Posted by Twinsaru Sunday, October 18, 2009

How to install installous Cracked apps on iphone 3.0 OS

There are minor changes to installous on iphone 3.0. Follow the steps below as usual to get the installous up and running from cydia. You need a jailbreaked iphone and cydia of course. If you do not know what are they well google is your friend.

  1. Open Cydia, tap on "Manage" at the bottom
  2. Tap on "Sources"
  3. Tap on "Edit" on top right then tap on "Add" on top left
  4. Type in Cydia will warn you about copyright information just tap ok
  5. Wait for repo to be added and updated.
  6. From search or repo directory
  7. Install Appsync for OS 3.0 do not install miPatch on os 3.0! If you do not download then sync cracked apps from PC/MAC/iTunes you may skip this step.
  8. Install Installous
  9. Restart your phone
  10. Launch installous and have free fun.

Thats it, simple tap steps.

Appsync will allow you to sync the hacked apps through itunes, otherwise it will give out invalid application signature error.

For downloading from PC and syncing your apps with iTunes use

Appulous is a free iTunes App Store in short created by people by sharing their applications from all over the world.


If you experience any problems during the installation or application installation steps, you may try this checklist.

  1. Perform update on all cydia related packages. It will ask you to update first, do not skip it and update.
  2. Do not forget to restart your phone
  3. Install a free application from app store like "facebook" before installing applications from installous
  4. First select download, wait for it to finish (100% complete) then tap "Downloads" section and install. If you do not see your app in that directory, then it is not complete yet. Double tapping on download may corrupt your downloaded file.
  5. Make sure the file you are downloading works fine. Sometimes cracked apps may fail, so try another application or package to make sure everything works fine before searching for help.
  6. If you encounter problems during application installation like package or executable not found etc make sure the following packages exists in your cydia, if not install them or re-install them to make sure everything is solid and packages are not corrupt. Installouse is dependent on these sub package libraries.
    1. Erica Utilities
    2. core utils
    3. grep
    4. Darwin CC Tools
    5. UUID Generator
    6. unzip
    7. gawk
    8. Curl (not sure if it was listed on packages but installous dependent)

If you still can not manage to solve your problem, drop a comment below including your problem. Me or someone else will try to help you for sure.


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