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Android 2.0 Platform Officially Unveiled

Posted by Twinsaru Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Android 2.0 Platform Officially Unveiled

Thewas Android 2.0 Platform officially unveiled today, introducing a number of enhancements to the open source smartphone operating system. Among the notable new features:

- Enhanced contact synchronization options and a "Quick Contact" widget to allow convenient integration of contact access into applications
- Combined inbox to allow viewing of messages from multiple e-mail accounts simultaneously
- Support for Microsoft Exchange
- Increased support for camera features, including flash
- Improved virtual keyboard layout and performance
- New browser features, including double-tap-to-zoom, thumbnailed bookmarks, and support for HTML5
- Minor tweaks to calendar functions, including tools for inviting and viewing the status of guests for events

A video preview of Android 2.0 has also been released.

Android 2.0 has been featured as the operating system behind the Motorola droid being touted by Verizon for its capabilities that in some respects rival or surpass the iPhone's.


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